The Read Aloud 21-Day Challenge is Here

21 day challenge

Did you know that, next to genetics, the most important predictor of school success is reading? Reading aloud to children not only provides a bonding experience with caring adults, but the simple act of reading aloud to a child 15 minutes a day for five years results in 27,375 minutes of language exposure which can put children on the path to high literacy achievement. Most important, reading with your child is fun and free with a library card!

The folks at have provided us with a fun way to kick off spring reading to our kids with the 21-Day Reading Challenge! The Challenge helps not only raise awareness of the importance of reading aloud but also encourages parents and caregivers to make it part of their daily routine.

You can accept the challenge online at or you can use the reading tracker found below. We have also included a calendar of fun activities for children and their adults to do together. No one is too old or too young to enjoy reading aloud. Try reading a classic, a chapter a night, with your family. Don’t forget the Library’s StoryWalk for an opportunity to read aloud and get some exercise at the same time. If the weather doesn’t cooperate, check out the Library’s Dial-a-Story and choose one of your favorites!

21 day challenge reading tracker
21 day challenge calendar

For more information about the Challenge or to find out more about any of the library’s resources, check out the rest of the website or find us on social media. Live people are also available by calling 580-363-1809.