Project Launch

All kinds of things fly – airplanes, birds, rockets, balloons, jelly beans…Wait! What! Jelly Beans ?!?  Sure!! Especially if you launch them!

During the program we are going to make some jelly beans fly by building a machine that will hurl that chewy sweet through the air.  Candy Catapults come in different shapes and sizes.  All of them use force to launch the beans.

Sir Isaac Newton formulated the laws of motion and gravity.  Gravity is a force on everything on earth.  To overcome gravity and launch something in the air, another force must be applied.  There are different types of forces that can be applied to set objects in motion.  The motion is the result of the applied force being greater than the force of gravity.  But, forces must always return to a balanced state.

Check out the different ways we will use force to launch everything from jelly beans to paper airplanes to balloon rockets!