Featured Book Reviews from January BookPage

Imperfect Union has all the things we like in an American tale: frontier adventure, fame and a conflict that’s cast as tragic and romantic. Read the review here.

dear edward by ann napolitano book cover

It’s hard for a novel to capture a reader’s attention while simultaneously meditating on profoundly complex issues. Napolitano manages to achieve this. Review

you were there too by colleen oakley book cover

The final meaning of Colleen Oakley’s novel is bittersweet and just the thing to happen in a place called Hope Springs. Review

Such a Fun Age by Kiley Reid book cover

Smart, witty, and even a bit sly, this penetrating social commentary is also one of this year’s most readable novels. Review

Hill Women book cover

Hill Women is a quietly moving, powerful memoir in which Cassie Chambers praises the fortitude, intelligence and strength of Appalachian women. Review

Krentz is a master at creating highly entertaining and immersive reads, and her latest doesn’t disappoint. Book 1 in the Fogg Lake series. Review

good girls lie by jt ellison book cover

This entertainingly twisted coming-of-age tale takes a harrowing look at how wealth and power can lull people into believing they’re untouchable. Review

wilmington's lie by david zucchino book cover

Wilmington’s Lie explores in gripping detail the efforts of white supremacists to overturn black political and social power in Wilmington, North Carolina. Review

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