Crazy 8s Math Club is Back!

bedtime math's crazy 8s club

Join Bedtime Math’s Crazy 8s, a totally new kind of math club where you’ll race across the country, aim lasers through a maze, and more! You’ll have a blast with mischief-making activities like Daring Darts, Road Trip, and Firefighter Training. Crazy 8s is open to kids in grades 4K-5th and meets every other Tuesday at 5:00 PM beginning September 17th.

There are some great activities this year! These include:

Crazy Card Club – Crazy 8s isn’t just the name of our club: it’s also a famous card game! Learn how to play it and other games using a deck of cards you get to keep!

Tricks of the Eye – Draw your own optical illusions, and learn how to trick your own eyes! You’ll find your “blind spot”, and spin wild tops to make eye catching patterns.

Road Trip – Learn the secrets to our highway numbering system, then roll the die to drive across the country. See whose car makes it to the East Coast first!

Got Rhythm? – Create music using wacky instruments made from surprise objects. Then clap your hands and stomp your feet to make funky rhythms!

Three-Ring Circus – Discover just how unique you are! See what traits show up the most and least often, then jump right into a giant diagram to map the coolest combinations.