Crazy 8s Math Club

bedtime math's crazy 8s club

Crazy 8s Math Club is an over the top after school club that’s designed to get kids fired up about math.  Every week kids get to build stuff, run and jump, make music, make a mess…it’s a totally new kind of math club.  You’ll get to do mischief making activities and take home some cool gadgets, too.  Math is going to become the cool thing to do after school!

Crazy 8s Math is sponsored by the Bedtime Math foundation.  So what’s Bedtime Math?  It’s a way to help parents talk to kids about math in a fun way.  Zany, daily math riddles for kids ages 3-9 are available online, on the app, or emailed to your inbox every day.  Just read the description and talk about the questions.  The questions include all levels of math.  No drilling, no logins, and no scores.  Whether it’s flamingos, ninjas, or pillow forts, kids can see the math in their favorite topics.  It’s fun for everyone – even parents who don’t like math themselves.  Go go the Bedtime Math website and see for yourself!

So, Bedtime Math developed this awesome, zany, math club for kids in grades K-5 to help present mathematical concepts in a fun, not scary, way.  The library will offer two sessions every week; one for grades 4K-2nd and the other for 3rd – 5th grades.  Kids meet weekly and do a variety of awesome activities, and maybe learn a little math along the way.

Season 1 of Crazy 8s has lots of great sessions planned each week!

  • Glow in the Dark Geometry:  Make geometric shapes using glow sticks.  Lay out the sticks to make mystical repeating patterns, and even guild a gleaming Egyptian pyramid.  then flick off the lights to see it all glow!
  • Let’s Get Loud:  Build a working flute, then play instruments made of random gadgets.  After all that, find out exactly how loud you are, down to the numbers!
  • Time of Your Life:  Find out what makes you tick.  Race to do crazy stunts, “be” a clock, and see if you have the winning birthday!
  • Toilet Paper Olympics:  Bet you never knew sports and toilet paper could go together, huh?  Get on a roll with your Olumpican skills in the shot put, the long jump, and the relay race.
  • Spy Training:  See if you have what it takes to be a spy, and break the codes to the clues to find the hidden treasure!
  • Flying Marshmallows:  Send marshmallows flying through the air using popsicle sticks and rubber bands.  Figure out what positions work best, then measure the flight to prove it.
  • Zip Line Zoo:  Build a zip line for brave stuffed animals and race them across the room.  Measure the distance and time their rides to see how fast they can go!
  •  Bouncy Dice Explosion:  Your big chance to throw things because you’re supposed to.  Find out your chances of rolling a 2 or a 5, then try to be the winning chip on a giant human Bingo board.

Season 2:

  • Glow in the Dark City:  Take geometry to the next level!  Learn to recognize some important 3-D shapes, then build a giant skyscraper of glowsticks and styrofoam balls.  Flick off the lights to see your creations!
  • Crazy 8s Race:  Play a brand new board game:  roll dice to travel around a figure 8, and bring on your teammates when numbers match up.  See who makes it to 8 x 8 first!
  • Beach Ball Party:  This is a party you won’t want to miss!  You’ll use our star-studded beach ball to play volleyball, then go gaga chucking the ball against targets to score points.
  • Funky Fractals:  Get funky with patterns and mazes  Create crazy patterns with wax sticks, and connect them to make a giant version.  Then design your own waxy maze to stump your friends.
  • Walk on the Wild Side:  How do ladybugs, crabs, and lizards run so fast with all those extra legs?  They use math!  We’ll run, walk, and gallop like animals to learn some fancy footwork.
  • Super-Cube Shuffle:  Math and art collide when you use specially colored cubes to create cool designs.  After a round of design copy mania, you’ll be a super-cube pro!
  • Epic Air Traffic Control:  Build your own airport, complete with finger-light airplanes and glowstick runways.  Use your math skills to land all the planes without crashing!

Season 3:

  • Ninja Training:  Sneak through a maze of laser shapes without setting off alarms.  Then find hidden number patterns while exchanging secret ninja handshakes!
  • Planet Party:  Discover secrets of the Earth and Moon – using glowsticks!  See how far the Earth and Moon really travel by circling around in their orbits, and try to keep up.
  • Crayon Craze: Sort, compare, and estimate the number of crayons in a big pile.  See if your crayon count is the right amount to keep you alive in a game of odds and evens!
  • UFO Landing:  Now’s your chance to catch sight of UFOs!  Fly paper airplanes to see whose travels farthest then craft giant origami Ninja Stars to see how they measure up.
  • Cowabunga:  Play with numbers as you become fence-hopping cows, and make up patterns to jump over the fence.  Try to wrangle cows into fences of different sizes.  Can you fit them all in?
  • Fraction Action:  You’ll go fishing for fractions in this week’s under-the-sea adventure!  We’ll play our own version of Go Fish then become the fractions as a whole group having a whole lot of fun.
  • Pixel-palooza:  It’s hip to be square!  Create large pixelly pictures of mini-figures out of Post-it Notes!  Cream up and plan out other creations, and see if you can build them.
  • Pirate Treasure Hunt:  Map out coordinates to create a secret picture.  Use your cannon to reach the enemy pirates, and try to get the treasure before they do!