Computer and Internet Use

We have computers for the public to use.

  • To use a computer, you must request an access code at the front desk.
  • Computer use is limited to 1 hour per day.

If you need the computer for school research, we are able to increase you time. Please ask us at the desk.

Computers are shut down 30 minutes before close of business each day.

You are not allowed to save information or download anything on library computers.

We are available to answer technical questions. However, we are not able to assist in completing any tasks which involve personal information.

Printing from Computers

  • Use Print Preview before you print.
  • All printing is done at the front desk.  You are responsible for anything printed.

Internet Access and Use

You must agree to the library’s policy on acceptable use before you can access the library’s wired internet.

Wi-Fi Use

The library offers free wireless internet for your laptops, tablets, phones and other devices.  Library patrons using Wi-Fi agree to abide by all laws, policies, and regulations governing the use of computers in the library.

Sometimes the Wi-Fi bandwidth fluctuates. This can depend on how many people are using the wireless connection and what they are downloading or streaming.

Safety of Children and the Internet

Blackwell Public Library will take steps to assure compliance with state and federal laws, including the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA), laws pertaining to obscene materials, child pornography, and materials harmful to minors as defined by OS Supp. 200, 1040.75,  and Copyright law (US Code Title 17).  Library patrons using the computers agree to abide by all laws and policies governing computer and internet use.  To meet this requirement, content filtering devices and/or software are in use to protect computer users from accessing anything in violation of the laws.  Anyone not complying with the policy may forfeit computer privileges.

Children age 11 and under must be accompanied by a parent at the computer. Permission for children over 11 years old to use the internet may be indicated on the library card application and will be noted on the patron record.